Communicate with existing friends or find new ones

By choosing questions and answers, you will not only be able to communicate quickly, but the communication will be meaningful and will help you get to know the person

About game

Some of the advantages of the game we developed

Prepared questions and answers

No need to think about how to start or continue a conversation. Communication will be productive because smart and thoughtful questions are already prepared, you just need to click on the desired one and it will be sent.

You can create your own questions

If the system questions are not suitable, and you want to ask your own questions, you can create them. Can also create possible answers. It can be used not only for communication, but also e.g. for your research work or other activities where you care about people's opinions on certain issues.

You can upload your own photos

You can upload two types of photos on the website: public - visible to everyone and private, visible only to those to whom you give permission.

Respectful communication

Disliked questions or answers can be ignored and the person blocked.

Communication with many people

Since it does not take much time to answer the questions, you can communicate with many people at the same time and not get tired.

Questions by audience

There is an option to collect points for which you can filter members by country, age or other criteria and send questions to many people at once and start a game with them.

How to start playing the question game?

To get respectful communication and quality attention, create a decent profile, fill in some information about yourself and upload a few photos. Then it's just a few simple steps to start communicating:

  • Click on the person's profile.
  • Click to ask a question.
  • Select a question and click on it.

That's it, the question will be sent.

The person who receives the question will be able to choose an answer and will have to choose a question for you to continue the game. Also, the person will have the option to ignore your question if they do not want to communicate or do not have the desire or opportunity to do so at the moment.


Reviews of our website visitors

Gundaras Vėtra


I liked the question game. No need to think about what to ask. The system itself suggests a question, you choose it yourself and then wait for the answer.

Sara Wilsson


The quiz game is interesting not only because of what a person answers, but also because of what questions they ask. It says a lot about the person himself.

Onutė Leftaitė


The question and answer game helps to understand human values and find out if we have something to communicate about in real life or if we think completely differently.

Tomas Vakarėlių Liūtas


I like the question game, when after chatting for some time, much more intimate questions appear in red, but I myself try never to ask first, I wait for the girl to ask something personal.

Jonas Balkis


Whenever I meet girls on Tinder, I invite them here, then we play a question game and I get an idea of whether we're going to be serious or not.

Frequently asked questions

Here we have placed the most frequently asked questions and answers.

  • Is this site free?

    Yes, this site is completely free.

  • The website is for communication or dating.

  • On this site, instead of writing a message and talking to a stranger, you can ask them a question. You just click on the profile, choose to ask a question, the system offers you several possible questions, choose one and ask. The other person answers your question or ignores you. No need for standard pick-up lines, compliments or hello, what are you doing

  • You will find people from all over the world on this site.

  • Human informational and physical security is very important and relevant to us. We hope that only sane, respectful and adequate people visit here, but we can never be 100% sure, because there are always all sorts of things that can happen. Our functionality allows you to block unwanted people, have private photos, delete all messages or chats with one click, we always respond quickly to any messages if someone is behaving inappropriately. We try to make it cozy and safe here.